Troy Price facilitated a series of sessions for our members in the spring. His approach was refreshing, informative and provided a platform for questions, answers, and discussions regarding all themes he covered. His topics, which included “Exceptional Leaders”, “Thrive in Any Economy”, “The Sweet Science of Selling” and “How to Connect in 90 Seconds or Less” were relevant to our members. Participants confidently left the sessions with a plan to implement the new strategies. Well Done. Highly Recommend!

Dianne Pilla, Membership and Events Coordinator, Spruce Grove Chamber of Commerce

I have had the pleasure of learning from Troy over the past year and appreciate his concise and articulate way of presenting ideas. Recently at a lunch training program, Troy really drove home a point about how small changes in our skill set can reap large dividends to our bottom lines. With this thought in mind I began tracking my own metrics to see how a small improvement can have a huge impact! Its true- it did!

Troy breaths inspiration into business people and it’s hard not to have fun when he is around!

Troy has the ability to improve clients’ skill sets to increase bottom line performance. With a kind sense of humour and quick wit he holds an audience’s attention and leaves you wanting more.

Keep up the great work Troy!

Yvonne Kuchta, Business Owner, Young Living Essential Oils

I have always considered myself a very savvy business person. Being an accountant who specializes in teaching small business owners about their business and how to understand it from a financial perspective, I never thought I would need or want to hire a business coach for myself. However, very soon after meeting Troy Price, I was instantly filled with a strong sense that he could help me. I didn't even know at the time what I specifically would want his help on; only that I needed to give him a try. And with him offering a free complimentary first session, I figured I had nothing to lose.

Apparently, I also had lots to gain. In each of our sessions, Troy has been more than a business coach. He has been someone who truly listens and cares. He has become a great and trusted friend. It amazes me that he always tailors his coaching sessions to focus on what is important to me and addresses the issues that are top of mind for me. He is eager to help me with my needs and always seems to have a solution for everything. It amazes me. I have already learned so much about my business, but even if I hadn't or never did, I would have considered my investment in Troy and well worth it simply for the person it has helped me to become and the friend I have gained in Troy. I would recommend Troy to anyone and everyone.

Corey Hill, Founder and President, The Chill Group

Troy has been very instrumental in helping me grow my business and help achieve a lot of my goals in a fairly short time. His coaching style is extremely supportive and he has been fantastic at helping me gain the clarity that I needed in taking the next steps. He is very resourceful and has the ability to pull out insights that have (helped) me grow a lot both personally and professionally. He is an excellent coach and I wish him great success.

Shivani Bhasin, Uncap Abilities, California

Troy Price has really customized his systems to meet the needs of entrepreneurs in the unique economy that is found in Alberta.

I appreciate the hard work that Troy puts into his small businesses and I would recommend him to everyone in the area.

The workshops that Troy has conducted for the Chamber of Commerce in Spruce Grove have been great. I brought a business associate with me and she said to let me know the next time Troy would be putting on a seminar as she is excited to learn even more from him.

Troy, your skills really shine and I think you are making a very big difference for everyone you coach. The things we're getting out of this are skills we can take with us throughout the rest of our work life.

Melanie Middelkoop, Business Optimization Specialist, Schooley Mitchell

I feel fortunate having had the blessing and pleasure to work with Troy for a couple of months in a pivotal phase for my coaching business. His clear and structured approach to helping me promote my business was exactly what I needed, and it concluded at a perfect time. I am amazed in retrospect how insightful and intuitive Troy was in guiding me through my fear of specifying my process. With his method, and with what he taught me about the discipline of mastering my niche, I was able to make a few major decisions in favor of a much more streamlined and efficient marketing outreach. I highly recommend working with Troy. You need and want an expert to help you grow your business and hold you accountable on all the steps you agreed to do. He truly cares about his clients’ success, and he is pairing long-term expertise with innovation and cutting edge technology. I will return when it is time to elevate my coaching business to the next level.

Ki Woyke, MA, CPC

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