"I work with small business owners to grow sales by helping them attract and retain profitable clients and customizing the sales process to be more effective. I have worked with white collar and blue collar professionals, "Mom & Pop" shops, Entrepreneurs working out of their home and hundreds more. I design high-quality programs that fit the unique needs of my clients. I'm also a co-author of the best-selling book Cracking The Success Code, international speaker, and considered a trusted authority on business training and development."


I urge my followers and clients to stop making excuses for their failures and start developing a winner's attitude and mindset for success.

My simple yet straight-forward lessons on strategic planning, marketing & sales, client relations, and leadership have allowed me to be a valuable resource for individuals and organizations seeking for guidance and solutions on important topics that are relevant and timely.

In addition to the four main programs that I have designed, I have also created unique tools that you won't find anywhere else. These invaluable resources have helped my clients double and in some cases triple their business in only six months. Here are just some of those tools:

* Self Business Assessment

* The Business Optimizer

* The Simple Business Plan

* Business Success Formula

* The Small Business Owners Game Plan

* Personal Development Plan (PDP)

Outside of work, I am involved in my local community with BNI, Chamber of Commerce, and church. I reside in Edmonton with my wife and three sons.

I Believe:

  • Every person on earth has been endowed with unique gifts and talents that when discovered and used, can bring greater joy and happiness in their lives
  • Everyone has a passion and purpose in life and it is our personal responsibility to discover it and live it
  • That as humans, we are natural social creatures who are here to serve one another and contribute to a greater cause other than our own
  • Struggle is necessary before success can be achieved
  • No greater joy in life can be obtained unless it is shared with others
  • Interdependence is greater than independence
  • The power of synergy and how it can create amazing change greater than if we were to do it alone
  • Our actions either help or hurt others
  • In the difference one can make
  • In a universal force that is guiding us along a path to peace and prosperity